Mistress Of
Planet Dominatrix
The first of a series of science fiction stories set in a space colony
on a planet where cruel women mistresses keep male slaves.
The men have only two duties - to serve and obey their mistress.

A Science Fiction Detective Story

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On Planet Dominatrix only the women are considered human. Men are considered less than animals. They are property, male slaves, to be bought and sold. And to be used in any way their mistress desires. Since these men slaves are not considered human, just property, the killing of a male slave is not considered murder. If you kill someone else's man slave without their mistress' permission then it is vandalism. And if a mistress finds one of her male slaves has been killed, she will call in the police to find out who did it, simply so that person can be made to pay compensation to replace the dead slave. But no one really cares about the dead male slave.

So when a man slave is shot during Festival no one thinks it is an urgent case. Sure, it's mistress will want the killer to buy her a new slave, but there is no sense of urgency. Male slaves are not expensive on Dominatrix, they are not a "high value product", so the police are not keen to interrupt Festival for the investigation. Secure the crime scene, then tomorrow will do.

But one observant police officer realises there might have been a greater crime on Planet Dominatrix. What if the killer had not been aiming at the male slave, but had missed the intended target and killed the man slave by accident? What if the killer had been aiming at the slave's mistress, a woman, a real human being?

If that was the case it would not be vandalism, it would be attempted murder!

So what if the killer tried again? And what if this time a woman, a real human being, is killed?

If that really is the situation, then the police have a serious investigation on their hands.

One thing was for certain - Festival would have to wait this year.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This book is slightly different to the other science fiction stories in this series in that it is a murder mystery detective story as well as a science fiction story. There will be other crime/sci-fi cross overs, but not too many.

Being the first in the series of science fiction stories, this book is not only a thrilling read, it is also a good introduction into the world of "Planet Dominatrix", and to that colony of women on the far side of the known universe who keep men as slaves.

You can begin reading this science fiction detective story on this site (index above). After that, you will want to go on and read the rest of the science fiction books in this series.

So start now. Begin with "Discovery Of Planet Dominatrix" and read your way through this sci fi story.